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Brazilian Baked Cauliflower “Rice” (Arroz-de-Forno de Couve-Flor)


In the last year or so, cauliflower has become a trend ingredient for healthy lifestyle. With this versatile vegetable, people have figured out ways to make low carb recipes in which the cauliflower usually replaces the flour, or rice.

I don’t always go for those trends, but this time I believe this fashion will survive the test of time and simply become a regular item on people’s diet. The reason? Cauliflower makes truly delicious tacos, pizza doughs, fried rice, etc… It’s not something I eat just because “today is Monday so I will try and cut my carbs”. I make and eat recipes in which the carbs are replaced by cauliflower because I enjoy them!

In Brazil, rice is on our table every day. And oh my, we tend to make a boat load of rice at once! So, of course, this often leaves us with more rice than the family can possibly eat. To put those leftovers to good use, Brazilians usually make “Arroz-de-Forno” which consists of leftover rice that is mixed with ANY other ingredient that is available, then baked in the oven with a ton of cheese. It’s comfort food that is often served for Sunday lunch. It’s creamy and cheesy – and by using those two words to describe this dish, you already know that it is delicious! 

I recently used cauliflower in lieu of rice on this recipe, and it turned out just as good! My mom said that she found it comforting, yet lighter if compared to the regular recipe. But she said that she did not miss the rice at all.

You can use all sorts of pantry ingredients that you like. I keep mine very Brazilian – well, I tend to have a very “Brazilian pantry” – so hearts-of-palm, corn, chicken, tomatoes, media crema, and scallions are always there, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those. When I have olives, split peas, and other fresh herbs, I like to throw in the pan too. And lots of cheese of course – which can be any kind that you like – in this case I used a mix of gruyere and swiss that I found in my fridge, but you can use mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, or whatever you have on hand.

This “clean your pantry” meal is easy, low in carbs, and lighter than its regular version. So, if you haven’t yet tried riced cauliflower, you are missing out! Enjoy!

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Coxinha (Brazilian Chicken Croquette)


It's been a really long time since I've been wanting to share a recipe for Coxinha. I love this Brazilian traditional snack SO MUCH, that the recipe had to be more than perfect… So my recipe had to be perfected to the point of this being the best Coxinha recipe ever.

Well, first of all, if you are Brazilian or if you have ever been to Brazil, chances are that you know Coxinha. It is one of the most popular finger foods/appetizers/snacks down there. Recipes and sizes can vary quite a bit, but the one thing that all of the Coxinhas have in common is its “chicken leg” shape – in fact, Coxinha literally translates to “little chicken leg”. I am not going to lie, achieving that shape can be time consuming. Making Coxinhas is the perfect example of labor of love… Time consuming, but absolutely worth it!

I usually make Coxinhas when there is someone around who can help me. Then, it can become a lot of fun! This time, it was a total family affair… My parents were around, so my dad helped with the pictures and my mom helped with shaping the little chicken legs. In between sips of wine, watching the boys, and frying some batches in advance (we were so hungry and excited to try that we had to fry a few even before they were all ready) we had a great time during the process!

In Brazil, Coxinhas are sold at “lanchonetes” or “confeitarias” (snack stores), and at bars (as an appetizer to have while enjoying a cold beer). They are also served in birthday parties – usually a smaller, finger food style version. For me, hands down, the Coxinha from the “confeitaria” Edelweiss in Curitiba (where I grew up) had always been the absolute best one! Well, so far… I will never forget the face that my husband did when he tried a bite of the Coxinha I served him… It was like he had died and gone to haven at that second!! It turned out that amazing!!

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole


Casseroles are the go-to dinner for weeknight family meals: they usually feed a ton of people and, even better, left-overs from casseroles are delicious the next day too! My Chicken Enchilada Casserole is definitely one of those meals. Yet pretty simple to make, I have decided to give you two alternative recipes for the method to use for preparing the chicken. You know me; I am a girl who goes for full flavors… So the first option involves roasting a whole bird, which results in a more flavorful and moister sauce. If you don’t have the time or patience, you can definitely use chicken breast instead. One last thing, this recipe was modified from the Chicken Enchilada Casserole I ate 3 weeks ago at my Husband’s aunt’s (Angie Dennig). Her good friend, Jean Ricchiute, made a recipe that had me craving more and more. I could not stop stop thinking about it, that’s how good it was (yes, pregnancy does that sort of stuff). So huge thank you to Jean for sharing the recipe that inspired me to make my own Chicken Enchilada Casserole. I hope you enjoy!

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Butternut Squash Quibebe with Chicken and Coconut Milk (Quibebe com Frango e Leite de Coco)


I was so excited to see the very first few butternut squash of the season showing up at the grocery store! I love all squashes, but the winter ones are my favorites! In Brazil, the varieties that we call winter squashes can be found year round. Every year, I look forward to this season to share some of our delicious recipes. So my first Brazilian recipe of this season will be Quibebe. Don’t be intimidated by the strange name, Quibebe is really easy and quick to make (prep time and cooking time shouldn’t take longer then 25 to 30 minutes). Now, you are thinking: “So what is this”? Ok, Quibebe is a delicious butternut squash stew, usually cooked with some spices and, sometimes, herbs. It is a typical dish from Northeastern Brazil. It is a side dish, but sometimes it is prepared with some kind of meat (very commonly jerk meat) and it becomes a main course. In this recipe, I made a richer version with the addition of chicken breast, coconut milk and fresh herbs. It is to die for! Quibebe is usually served with rice, but you can leave the rice out and make it a Paleo main course. If you are doing it the Paleo way, also remove the dark brown sugar. I hope you try this easy and flavorful Brazilian dish!

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Chicken Parmigiana (Frango à Parmegiana)


It might be surprising for most people, but Chicken Parmigiana is a well beloved recipe in Brazil! Just like most Brazilian dishes, it is usually served with rice and beans on the side (I guarantee it goes perfectly fine with rice and beans). In this recipe, I make a more traditional move and serve it over linguini. Delicious!!! My husband said it was the best Chicken Parmigiana he has ever had; and he is picky since I turned him into a culinary “critic”. The addition of ham and good quality cheeses (I used a mixture of half mozzarella and half Fontina) also made my version of Chicken Parmigiana extra flavorful. And just in case you were wondering: yes, it is Brazilian comfort food and I especially enjoy it right now, since I am pregnant! Your family will love this one!

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Chicken with Cream of Corn (Frango com Creme de Milho)


My mom used to make this recipe and serve with slow roasted meat. I can’t remember the name of the cut of meat, but I can remember the delicious flavor of the Cream of Corn. Nutty, sweet, and creamy this recipe is Brazilian comfort food (I know… I know… one more recipe that is all about my pregnancy cravings). My favorite way to serve this cream is over perfectly baked, moist chicken breast. This recipe is an easy and flavorful way to take advantage of the sweet corn season, but frozen corn kernels could serve as a substitute if fresh is unavailable. The whole family will enjoy this healthy meal!

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Baked Pumpkin with Chicken, Coconut Milk and Cranberries


Cranberries and pumpkins taste just like the Holidays; coconut milk and fresh herbs add a delicious twist to your Thanksgiving table. Surprise your family with this flavorful dish!

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Chicken Pot Pie, Brazilian Style (Empadão de Frango)


This savory chicken pie is a staple in my country, and this particular recipe was passed over to me by my mom and I am proudly passing it down to you. I hope you enjoy this delicious and comforting Brazilian style chicken pot pie. 

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Coq au Vin with Cachaça, Cilantro and Yuca


This is such a warm, comfort type of meal and it is perfect for colder evenings. Cilantro, yuca and cachaça add a little Brazilian touch to this French classic. Just to be fun!

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Mushroom Stuffed Chicken with Coconut Milk-Lemongrass Sauce


Stuffed chicken breasts is one of my husband's favorites! So I keep coming up with new ideas to prepare it. I added a Brazilian twist by making a coconut based sauce, but the lemongrass added a Thai twist to it too! I guess I will have to call it a fusion dish! I hope you enjoy this healthy and delicious meal!

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Chicken Fricassee (Brazilian Style)


This is a very easy dish that everyone will love! So keep this recipe in mind when you are throwing a party because it can be made in advance; all you have to do after your guests arrive is top it with the cheese and bake for a few minutes. Easy and delicious! Can it get any better then that? In fact, I know something that can make this recipe even better: it is very low in carbs!!!

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Chicken Bobó (Brazilian Chicken Stew)


Chicken Bobó is a traditional stew especially popular on the Northeast part of Brazil.

This delight might have an exotic name, but the method is quite simple. The secret to make this recipe so flavorfull and creamy is to cook the yuca in chicken broth, then process it in blender or food processor to use as the thickening agent.

Coconut milk and red palm oil add richness and a beautiful color to this gluten-free recipe. 

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Spicy Thai Chicken Skewers


This Thai chicken skewers have a touch of lemongrass.

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Pineapple, and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Crusted Chicken


Pineapple, roasted red bell peppers, mint, and hot sauce give this crusted chicken breast a tropical flavor!

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Chicken Stuffed with Eggplant Parmigiana and Herb Sauce


This creative dish is a mix of two classics with a few twists. Your dinner guests will love the presentation and love the food even more!

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Herbed Tikka Masala


I added a couple of twists to a very popular Indian dish. The result is a more mild, fresh, and cremier dish.

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Cheese Ravioli with Chicken and Wine Sauce


This sauce is really easy to make, and really fast too! The variations to this recipe are endless. The cheese ravioli can be substituted for penne or any other pasta.  Also, when using this sauce with ravioli, it can be served on small individual plates as a first course or tapas. 

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Chicken Marsala with Cream, Garlic and Herbs


I bring a fresh twist to classic italian dish by adding fresh herbs and cream. You have to try it!

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Chicken Legs with Beer


Simple to make, this recipe has a rustic look but some really great flavors!

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