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Low-Carb, High-Flavor Challenge



When I started my website, people began asking, “Ok, so how do you stay thin eating all that food every night?” First, thank for the compliment!! I started thinking about what I ate and realized that I really DO something to manage my weight: I balance.

I do a little bit of everything. I exercise to burn the calories; I eat small portions throughout the day; I eat moderately at dinner (which is my favorite meal, of course); and I do not cook a bunch of carbs every single night. I do eat all the pasta, rice, and desserts that you see in my posts, but I usually make 3 low-carb meals per week (or more if I think I need to lose a couple of pounds), and I make 2 meals a week that are a little more loaded (or a lot more loaded!) with carbs.

So, inspired by our lovely summer time that is finely here I am launching the “Low-Carb, High-Flavor Challenge”.

Starting on Sunday, June 4th, I will be providing a weekly menu that will consist of:

  • 5 delicious recipes that have under 10 grams of carbohydrates per portion
  • A grocery list for that week (broken into recipes, so it is easier for those who don’t want to make all the 5 meals that week)
  • A manual with some tips about how to keep your calorie intake under control throughout the day as well.

This challenge will start on Monday, June 6th, and end on Friday, July 1st. By the end of the challenge you will have cooked 20 exciting, flavorful, and healthy recipes, and you might lose a few pounds throughout the process– if that is your goal.

I will provide the menu and the grocery list every Sunday of the month of June (5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th.) For the most part, the recipes will be enough for 4 servings; but I will always specify the amounts in every recipe so you can make the necessary adjustments depending on how many people you will be cooking for.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to cook five nights per week, you can always make extra and save the leftovers for the next day/evening. I will be talking more deeply about how to do all of those things as our challenge starts in the “Manual of Tips”.

To receive the weekly menu of five recipes, you have to sign-up for my newsletter at the top right of the page. If you have a friend who is interested in the low-carb lifestyle, please tell them to stop by my website and sign-up! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.

I can’t wait to show everyone how delicious healthy, low-carb eating can be!



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