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Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to plan some delicious meals for the festivities. We all love the traditional turkey, but there are other great proteins that fit the holiday table!  I have some meals, sides, appetizers, and dessert suggestions that might be a little bit out of the ordinary, but they will certainly bring a twist to the table! So keep an open mind and check out what the Brazilian is serving to family and friends this season.

Baked Pumpkin with Chicken, Coconut Milk and Cranberries


Each pumpkin should serve 6 to 8 people and make a great decoration for the table as well. Remove the chicken and add extra vegetables like zucchini and carrots and turn it into a beautiful side dish.

Pumpkin with Shrimp (Camarao na Moranga) 


This recipe is typical from Brazil but it will sure bring a twist to the table and make a big statement. Use chicken instead of shrimp if you prefer. Slow cooked pork shoulder will also taste great with the pumpkin and cheese combination.

Chicken Pot-Pie Brazilian Style (Empadao de Frango)


Comfort food that will have everyone coming back for more. This is my Mother’s recipe and it is perfect for the fall days, including Thanksgiving.

Lamb Stew with Raisins, Pine Nuts, and Mint


This lamb dish has the taste of the Holidays!

Avocado and Candied Cashew Pie 


It’s OK to also have a different pie other then the pumpkin pie! The candied cashews on top bring a holiday feel to the delicate taste of the avocado filling.

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