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Passion Fruit Caipirinha


Despite not being the most popular of the caipirinhas, passion-fruit caipirinha is my personal favorite. The combination of tart fruits with the cachaça and sugar is really refreshing and passion-fruit has the necessary tartness to make a perfect balanced drink. The seeds are crunchy and add personality to this exotic concoction, but if it they bother your palate, simply strain the drink to enjoy all the taste without the seeds. I keep the seeds in my drink, and I enjoy every bit of it!

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Pineapple-Mint Spiked Slush


Mint and pineapple is a wonderful combination in any drink. Add a little bit of spiced rum and a touch of honey for a perfect adult slush. I recommend having it by the pool!

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Watermelon Margarita Martini


This margarita martini is spicy, sweet and delicious!

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Caipirinha is a refreshing and easy to make drink from my home-country: Brazil!

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When I visited Punta del Leste, Uruguay, I noticed a lot of people in bars and restaurants ordering this large jars of white wine mixed with fruits. It did not take us long to join the crowd and ordering our own. Delicious and refreshing, Clericot is traditionally prepared with white wine, but I prefer to use sparkling wine because of the bubbles! Use a dry white or brut sparkling wine, and add sugar to taste (I like with 4 to 5 tablespoons, but some might like it a bit sweeter). Enjoy and celebrate!

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