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Passion Fruit Mousse (Mousse de Maracujá)



I cannot think of any simpler and easier dessert than Passion Fruit Mousse. This recipe was one of the first desserts I ever made - I was probably around 15 years-old. It really cannot get any easier than gathering ingredients, blending, refrigerating, serving. Can it? 

The flavors of this mousse are fresh and sweet, with a touch of tartness. For those unfamiliar with passion fruit, it is a very tart fruit - which makes it a great ingredient for desserts and sauces, and it is widely utilized in Brazilian cuisine. 

This 3-ingredient dessert is very popular in Brazil. It is often served in shot glasses at parties for just a "taste" - as part of those big dessert tables that us, Brazilians, love to display at birthday parties and weddings. 

If you were looking for a super easy, delicate, and delicious dessert to serve at your summer gatherings with friends, look no further... Passion Fruit Mousse will make everyone happy!

Passion Fruit Mousse (Mousse de Maracujá)

Serves about 6, or 12 tastes in shot glasses


  • 1 cup unsweetened passion fruit pulp (See Cook's Notes)
  • 1 can (7.6 ounces) Media Crema (Table Cream)
  • 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
  • Raspberries, for garnishing


Place passion fruit pulp, Media Crema, and sweetened condensed milk in blender. Blend on medium-high speed until combined, about 30 to 40 seconds.

Tilt mousse into dessert bowls - ramikens work well. For sample-size, tilt mousse into shot glasses.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or evernight. Garnish with raspberries and serve.

Cook's Notes:

There are a few options for passion fruit pulp. They all work just fine and it will depend on what you have available nearby:

Option 1 - Concentrated Passion Fruit Juice - this is the pulp already pre-mixed with water. It is unsweeted. Regular passion fruit juice, which is normally sweetened, would not work for this recipe. Maguary is a very popular brand, and I was able to find it at a Latin grocery store in Tampa.

Option 2 - Frozen Passion Fruit Pulp - this option is also available at most Latin markets, especially by Goya. If using this, you must mix the frozen pulp with some water in order to make one cup of pulp - you will find especific directions on the package.

Option 3 - Freshly Made Pulp - that is my favorite option, but passion fruit is not widely available in the US. They can be found more easily when in season, which is late summer through early fall. If you were lucky enough to find it fresh, scoop the pulp of 4 medium size passion fruits into a blender and add 3/4 cup of water. Blend for a few seconds and strain before using.


Raspeberries work great for garnishing (and its flavor is very complementantary to the passion fruit), but there are other options for garnishing! My favorite is to place some passion fruit seeds on top of the mousse - they are so crunchy and delicious - but you would have to be able to find the fresh fruit... Another option is to garnish with dark chocolate curls, or shredded dark chocolate.

Media Crema can be found at the Latin section of regular grocery stores. Sometimes they can be found at the baking aisle, nearby the sweetened condensed milk.


The display in the shot glasses turned out very cute...


Sebastian wanted to be my model :) I love his hair so much, even when it looks like "bed head". 




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