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Celebrating 6 Months - Contest Results


Hello all!

First I would like to thank everyone who took part in our very first contest! I truly enjoyed looking at every single picture and reading all the comments! I appreciate your kind words and I feel honored by your willingness to try my recipes!

Well, of course the hard part was actually making a decision… We received a lot of great pictures and comments! We will have more contests in the future, so if you did not win this time you will have other chances! Now to the results…

The big winner is Gabriela Dedolph with the Pumpkin-Coconut Pie!

Gabriela is receiving a delcious combo: Black Truffle Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate Balsamic - compliments from The Olive Twist, our prefered culinary boutique.

The picture Gabriela took is simply amazing (it makes my month water!!!) and her comment is just so kind! Check it out:


"I love pumpkin and this season, for me this time of the year is everything pumpkin! Pies, creamer, ice cream, bread, muffin, etc...
When I saw your post on Facebook, I couldn't resist and I had to try it! It is so delicious!!! Love this recipe in special and ALL your other ones. You should be a Food Network next Star! Success!!!!"

The runner-up is Christy Dunnick with the Shrimp Moqueca!

Christy will also receive a yummy prize: one bottle of White Truffle Olive Oil from The Olive Twist.

Christy started to cook with Brazilian ingredients after she came across my website :) Check out her picture and her comment:


"Hi Cynthia! Congratulations on the 6 month anniversary of your website. I have really enjoyed trying your recipes and have used some great ingredients that I had never used before (palm oil, smoked paprika, cachaca). I made the shrimp moqueca tonight for the first time and loved it!! My husband and I have an at home date night on Thursdays and I always try a new recipe for Thursday's dinner. The shrimp moquea will now be in regular dinner rotation at our house! My favorite recipe on the site is the chicken stuffed with eggplant - I'll enter a picture of that as well."

The second runner-up is Danieli Gabardo with the Empadão – Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie!

Danieli will also receive a gift from The Olive Twist: a bottle of White Truffle Olive Oil.

She found this particular recipe easy and delicious. Check out more:


"I made the Chicken Pot Pie, Brazilian style. Everybody always said that this recipe is very hard to make and difficult to come out really good, with Cynthia's recipe, it was very easy to make and it came out delicious! First time I made was for a American Thanksgiving party and it was a success, second time it was for a brazilian girls get together, and they said it was one of the best, one of the girls asked for the recipe, made it, and said it was the easiest recipe she tried for "Empadao".
Muito obrigada Cynthia!"

Thank you so much everyone and stay tuned for more contests and events!



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