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22 Brazilian Recipes for the World Cup



If you are throwing a party to watch the games during this World Cup, you must try some of these recipes!! And it doesn’t matter if you are planning on putting out a huge buffet or just a couple of appetizers, I promise I got something for you… And guess what? You and your guests will love it!! Bring on the Brazilian fun!!


7 Brazilian Appetizers and Finger Food

Pastel - Savory Pastry with Meat and Cheese Filling

This fried pastry is so delicious that it will leave you wondering how come Brazilians can eat such thing and still look so good… Ok, I will tell you the secret… We burn the calories dancing samba! Click here for the recipe.


Escondidinho de Camarão- Shrimp and Yuca Bowl

“Escondidinho” means hidden stuff; and in the case what is hiding under the yuca purée is the scrumptious shrimp in a creamy, sweet tomato sauce. This is a bar food favorite, and one bowl is usually ordered by a group of 3 to 4 people and shared at the table. Waste no more time and dig in to find the shrimp! Click here for the recipe.


Acarajé – Black Eyed Pea Fritter

If you decide to make this typical street food recipe, be ready to roll up your sleeves and put your muscles to test! I am not saying that this is difficult to make, but to be sure that the batter for this fritter is airy and light you better be prepared to mix it with a wooden spoon for a few minutes. Well, if the Brazilian can do it why wouldn’t you ;) Click here for the recipe.


Pão-de-Queijo - Cheese Bread

Be careful with this recipe… Because these Brazilian Cheese Breads are addicting!!! Serve them warm, freshly baked right off from the oven… Yummmm!! I think I am going to need to take a break from writing this article and go make some for myself right now!! Click here for the recipe.


Empadinhas de Frango com Aspargos – Chicken and Asparagus Mini-Pies

I never really understood the reason why this mini-pies are so commonly made for kid’s birthday parties… They are flaky, creamy and they melt in your mouth (which translates to big mess when eaten by a 5 year-old). I have a strong feeling that the adults are the ones who really want to eat it, so they keep them in those menus… Hopefully your guests will not behave like a messy 5 year-old when handed this delight - I bet after a few beers some of them definitely will! But it is still worth making it… Click here for the recipe.


Bolinho de Bacalhau – Cod Croquettes

Close your eyes and envision that you are in Copacabana beach, and just then take a bite of this crunchy appetizer… Take a deep breath… One more bite… One sip of beer… And you are in paradise! Click here for the recipe.


Salpicão – Brazilian Chicken Salad

Throw away that old recipe of chicken salad that you thought as the best one you’ve ever had… I am introducing you to your newest favorite chicken salad. You are welcome! Click here for the recipe.


7 Brazilian Main Courses

Quibebe com Frango e Leite de Coco – Butternut Squash Cream with Chicken and Coconut Milk

Can you serve a healthy recipe during a World Cup party? You sure can as far the guests lick their plates!! Click here for the recipe.


Madalena – Brazilian Style Sheppard’s Pie

Sorry Irish people, but our pie is better. Much better! Our soccer team is also better. Much better! Click here for the recipe.


Bobó de Camarão – Shrimp in Yuca Cream

Exotic, earthy and rich, this dish is delicious and it can prevent hangovers! Click here for the recipe.


Black Beans, Rice and Farofa (Toasted Yuca Flour) – The Everyday Brazilian Meal

Brazilian eat this trifecta every single day! It would not be that popular if it did not taste great, right?! Click here and here for the recipes. PS: I do not have a recipe for the rice posted, but you can just use a very basic recipe for the rice of your choice. My favorite is Jasmine.


Empadão de Frango – Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie

I am going to tell the same thing once more: throw away that recipe of chicken pot pie you thought to be so phenomenal… I am introducing to you the best chicken pot pie recipe you will ever have in your lifetime. You are welcome! Click here for the recipe.


Estrogonofe de Carne – Brazilian Stroganoff

Most of the time this Brazilian recipe takes people by surprise, since stroganoff is a dish traditionally linked to Russia. Well, sorry Russians but our stroganoff is better… Much better! Our team is also better… Much better! Click here for the recipe.


Moqueca de Camarão – Shrimp Stew with Coconut Milk and Red Palm Oil (Dendê Oil)

This delightful dish can also be prepared with fish or the combination of a variety of seafood. Whichever way you decide to prepare, make sure you listen to some bossa-nova while cooking… The scents coming from the skillet will transport you to the beaches in Brazil! Click here for the recipe.


7 Brazilian Desserts

Pudim de Leite Condensado – Brazilian Flan

The best flan in the world. I got nothing else to say. Click here for the recipe.


Torta de Abacate com Castanha de Caju – Avocado and Cashew Pie

I challenge you to open your mind and use avocados in a dessert. You will not regret it! Click here for the recipe.


Brigadeiro – Brazilian Chocolate Bonbon

Gluten-free! Gluten-free! Gluten-free!! Ok, now that I caught your attention I can tell you that this is SO DELICIOUS!!!! Kids and adults love it… Addicting! Click here for the recipe.


Beijinho de Coco – Coconut Balls

This is the perfect dessert for the coconut lovers. It’s a little piece of coconut heaven! Click here for the recipe.


Torta de Banana com Doce de Leite – Banana and Dulce de Leche Meringue Pie

This is not like the banana pie you had before. This is rich and decadent, and your guests will think you are a dessert genius… Just don’t tell them this is pretty simple to make… Click here for the recipe.


Torta Gelada de Morangos – Brazilian Style Strawberry Shortcake

Sorry, but I think I will have to tell you the same thing one last time… Throw away that old strawberry shortcake recipe you thought as the most amazing one ever… Because I am introducing you to your newest favorite – Brazilian style ;) You are welcome!! Click here for the recipe.


Pudim de Claras – Lime Meringue Flan

Simply the lightest texture in a dessert you have ever tried… With a hint of lime and home-made caramel on top… One bite and you will think you have died gone to heaven. A Brazilian heaven ;) Click here for the recipe.


1 Brazilian Drink

Caipirinha – The Brazilian Staple Drink with Lime and Cachaça 

Why just one drink? Because that’s all you need!! There is nothing that screams Brazil more than the refreshing taste of Caipirinha! Click here for the recipe.


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